Salutations! I’m the bearded brewer. Writer of bearded brewing. Obviously, I have a beard. A big, gnarly, natural beard. And I’m proud of it. Some might say perversely proud.

As you might imagine, I also love beer, and I’ve been known to brew my own. This blog will chronicle my adventures in home brewing.

In addition to being a bearded brewer, I am also a bearded contractor/handyman specializing in restoration. It’s possible that from time to time I’ll post about that, too.

Random Advice from the Bearded Brewer About Mold

Alright, my friends. So, as you know, I’m the bearded brewer, and this is my blog, which is mostly devoted to brewing. And yeah, I do have a beard.

But by day I’m a contractor.

And this post is to warn you guys about something I’ve frequently encountered on the job, and in my own basement while I’m brewing. Mold.

I spend a lot of time in the ‘ole basement getting my organic brew on. And for a long time, my basement was a dank, dark place. Made it pretty dang hard to brew. I’d get all depressed being down there, even though I loved the brewing. And sometimes I’d get weird headaches.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was a mold sensitivity. When I finally figured it out, I cleaned the hell out of that basement and did some good, wholesome home-handyman mold remediation.  One thing that finally helped me realize what was going on was this Health News Site, Health Science Now.

To be honest with you, it isn’t that hard. Basically, you need two things: a dehumidifier, and an air scrubber (and it’s important that it’s an air scrubber, not just an air purifier). It’s not hard to get ahold of this stuff, either. I got all of mine at this site called Air Purity. But you could pick it up somewhere else, too. Those dudes were cool, though, so I’d recommend that you call them.

I mention this because I had no idea it was mold that was causing my depression. Sometimes you just don’t realize that your state of mind is being caused by environmental factors. You tend to want to attribute it to what’s going on in your life, what you’ve accomplished or not accomplished, and so on. But dudes, sometimes you’re just suffering from mold sensitivity, and a good dehumidifier + air scrubber combo is just what the doctor ordered. Seriously!

So guys, if you spend a lot of time in that basement brewing your brews, you may want to check out the mold situation. It might need to be abated, if you know what I mean.

Bearded Brewer Out!

Professional End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane Can Depend On

Professional End of Lease Cleaning Brisbane Can Depend On

People who need end of lease cleaning Brisbane can believe in have many options available to them. Brisbane has many high-quality professional cleaning businesses that offer end of lease cleaning.

Moving out can be a very stressful experience. It doesn’t matter if a person is moving out of a small city apartment or from a spacious suburban house rental. The entire process is frustrating and time-consuming. If an individual rents an apartment or home and needs to clean it immaculately prior to leaving, professional end of lease cleaning is the perfect solution. Many real estate companies and landlords are hesitant to return bonds back to people who leave their rentals messy and dirty — and understandably so. Getting professional end of lease cleaning is a great way for people to ensure that they get their hard-earned money back fully.

The goal of end of lease cleaning Brisbane by http://www.qualitycleaningservices.com.au/ is to leave apartments and houses as spotlessly clean as they were when the renter first moved in. If an apartment tenant leaves her rental a nightmare full of dust bunnies and food stains on the ground, her chances of getting back her bond in full become significantly lower.

Professional end of lease cleaning is extremely thorough and meticulous. If a person hires professional end of lease cleaning, he can expect all parts of his home to be cleaned.
This includes the full kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the blinds, the walls, the closets and even the door knobs. When the landlord or real estate company representative shows up to inspect the rental, it should look absolutely immaculate and like no one even lived there.

Finding a good professional end of lease cleaning company in Brisbane isn’t a difficult task. Many reputable Brisbane companies provide dependable, trustworthy and effective end of lease cleaning service. These companies often have experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff members, all of whom possess extensive training in professional cleaning. If an individual does proper research, he should be able to find an end of lease cleaning that’s perfect for his specific needs.

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Many cleaning companies that provide end of lease cleaning assistance are also highly affordable. They frequently provide free quotes to potential customers. If a person wants to receive a great deal on end of lease cleaning in Brisbane, he should call around and explore all of his choices first. End of lease cleaning doesn’t have to be a costly project.

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne: Choosing the Best Wall Coverings

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne: Choosing the Best Wall Coverings

Selecting a wall finish for your kitchen renovation Melbourne is not simply a style issue. The kitchen is often the most used room in a home, and hot and steamy conditions put special demands on even the walls. The wall areas that take the most abuse are those behind the sink, stove, oven, and food preparation countertops. Stray splashes soon spoil wallpaper or paint, so install a guard made from an easy-wipe material. It is details such as these that will not just create a kitchen renovation Melbourne that has character but also one that is a pleasure to work in. Here we will examine four wall coverings that you are likely to consider for your new kitchen.

  1. Plaster Walls

    Once a technique for preparing walls, bare plaster is now a popular wall finish and comes rough, polished, or stained.


    • Masks uneven walls, turning them into a feature
    • Durable and inexpensive finish
    • Provides an opportunity to add character


    • Rough plaster attracts dust and is hard to clean
    • Can look artificial if not well rendered
    • Requires a blacksplash around countertops
  2. Washable Wallpaper

    Plastic-coated, wipe-clean wallpapers are practical for kitchen renovations in Melbourne, especially if you have very small children, however, color choice is limited.


    • Waterproof plastic surface is easy to wipe clean
    • Can be put up after cabinetry is installed
    • Inexpensive; covers up uneven plasterwork


    • Steam may cause wallpaper to peel
    • Plastic “sheen” on surface can look artificial
    • Impossible to repair small area once damaged
  3. Manufactured Tiles

    Useful for covering up uneven areas on walls and ceilings, painted wood panels will also help insulate heat and sound for your kitchen renovation Melbourne (http://www.giarenovations.com.au).


    • Easy to install
    • Hides irregular walls or uneven plasterwork
    • Absorbs kitchen noise


    • Good quality paneling not always available
    • Unsuitable material for sink and cooking area
    • Traditional look does not suit all kitchen styles
  4. Granite

    This popular kitchen renovation Melbourne material is often used as a backsplash above granite counters. It works best in small areas.


    • Hard-wearing and low maintenance
    • Easy to clean, with few grouted seams
    • Continuity; it can match a granite counter


    • Dark, cold appearance unsuitable for large areas
    • Complicated to fit around electrical outlets
    • Expensive; has to be cut off-site, to a template

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